Importance Of Starting Math Enrichment Classes From Kindergarten

Preschools are a place where a child undergoes many social and developmental changes. They start learning about different topics and about their environment and most of the important things in life. This early education is very important for the child as it gives them a firm foundation that they can build on. The stronger the basis of this educational foundation is the easier it will be for the child to learn and understand more difficult topics in later classes.

Most parents focus more on the child’s reading and writing skills than on their number skills. however, it is important that the child has a strong foundation for math also. The lack of basic math knowledge can cause many difficulties for the child later in higher classes as they will have to start right from scratch and they will fall behind in class. Schools help children learn to read and write numbers in a series so most of the time the child will just know the series and do not really understand the concept of numbering. This is where math enrichment classes help the child more than traditional schools and classes.

The perfect time to start math enrichment classes is K2 as this is a child’s most formative years they can grasp concepts easily and will remember them for the rest of their lives. Due to the use of alternate strategies of teaching math in K2 the child does not feel any pressure and does not even realise when they have learnt all the concepts as to them they are having fun and playing games. With the use of visual aids and games it is very easy to subtly sneak in math enrichment for k2 level children.

Math is a subject that many students do not understand in the first go; it needs a lot of explanation and practice. When taught like a subject sometimes this class starts to be a burden for the child and thus there is a sense of resentment towards it. Starting math enrichment classes from an early age can help build a sense of enthusiasm for learning the subject in the child. Alternate methods make it easier and hence the sense of resentment also disappears. Thus in their present class and further classes math becomes something they enjoy to study and not just learn because they have to learn it.

Why is it important to develop heuristics skills in your child?

Every parent may wish that their children should have greater agility in learning. They are more concerned about mathematics because mathematical skills may help in almost all the fields. Realizing this, authorities have put in place appropriate math enrichment Singapore programs. These programs mainly consist heuristics. But what is heuristics and why it is important that children should develop heuristics skills. Let us have a look. 

Heuristics can be defined as a practical approach for solving mathematical problems. Many children find that a few word problems are challenging. But instead of getting horrified by this, parents and children should try to tackle the challenge head-on for which heuristics may help. 

Heuristics consist of a set of rules that may help in identifying the best and the most practical methods to solve a mathematical problem. It helps children in acquiring logical thinking skills so they can solve even complex problems without any difficulty. But teachers in Singapore make it a point to combine various other components also with heuristics so children will have all-round development, thanks to the problem solving abilities they acquire with heuristics. The inter-related components teachers combine with heuristics are those that help develop their attitudes, metacognition, and skills, as well as those that help them understand processes and concepts. 

In addition, teachers encourage children to observe how others solve the problems they take up. This approach helps children not only in learning the most practical and effective ways to solve problems but in becoming more flexible and competent as well. Children will mainly understand that there is no one way to solve a problem. By observing how others choose the ways, they may also learn why and how others make their choices.

There is another important benefit that can be derived out of using heuristics to teach mathematics to children. Since children will come to know that there are many methods to solve a problem, they may have more curiosity and this will help in enhancing their motivation levels. Not only that, when they know the best and the most practical ways to solve problems, chances of they gaining in confidence increase also. But this is possible only if children remain receptive and open-minded to learning these ways. Teachers can play a key role in this aspect. 

Teachers who engage in such math enrichment programs in Singapore should ensure that their students share with others the details of the ways they use for solving a problem. This will facilitate elaborate discussions about the ways available and the reasons for selecting the methods chosen. According to experts in the educational field, such verbalizing will increase the “visibility” of the thinking pattern of these children. Of course, discussions of this type will help evaluate the methods used to solve the problems.

Why is it important to put your child in playgroup?

A lot of parents feel that the child should continue to be at home till he is a little older. With so much of pressure to be faced in one’s life, childhood is the only time when the child can actually relax and enjoy. Also, as education is a lifelong thing, the toddler years should be spent on playing games and being a kid. But, what the parents don’t realize is that while the child gets a secured environment at home, he misses out on a lot of fun and learning in a playgroup.

So, what is the right age for a child to join a playgroup? A child aged two and above can be put in a playgroup, where he would get the chance to interact with other children his age. It would help in developing his social skills.

More toys to play with

A Playgroup has more playthings, which can suitably engage the child’s hyperactive and intelligent mind. Also, the kid will learn the act of sharing with the other children and playing in groups, which will go a long way in building up his character.

A sense of belonging

The child learns the art of making friends. By playing in groups, he develops a sense of belonging.

Builds the confidence and independence

Without the parents around, the child becomes more independent and confident. Such a child will no longer cling to his parents. He will understand happy separations and develop a trust factor, knowing that the parents will be back to pick him up.

Channelize the energies

A child is always hyperactive. And, it is really important to channelize his energy in the right direction. It might not be easy for a parent to spend quality time with the child and helping him in spending his energy in learning something useful. Such kids become attention-seekers and do not understand how to expend their extra energy.

Breathing time to the parents

For those staying in Singapore, if one puts the child in the best playgroup of Singapore, it would certainly give some breathing time to the parents. They could mind their own activities and get some peaceful time at home.

These were some of the key points that can encourage the parents to put their child in a playgroup. Apart from learning a lot of new things, he will start becoming less cranky and more attentive. But, remember to put your child in the best playgroup in Singapore where his potential will be tapped and his personality will be nurtured.

20 Tips To Help Your Child Crack Their First School Interview

Here are some of the steps that can help the child prepare successfully for their first school interview in a child care centre in Singapore.

1. Communication: Parents should interact as much as possible with their toddlers to ease the process of learning or following instructions. This also helps in building mutual trust and dependence.

2. Research: Each school has a specific set of rules and requirements. It is thus suggested that parents collect as much information as possible from the parents of children already studying at the school selected and prepare for the interview accordingly.

3. Peers: Parents can bond with neighbors whose children go to the same school. This allows children to mingle and feel comfortable in a crowd.

4. Basics: Schools expect children to come prepared for the interview. The parent could teach names of colours, fruits, shapes, numbers or even a small poem beforehand.

5. Routine: A child cannot learn unless he/she is given routine practice. Parents should fix proper hours for meals, games, studies, bed and so on.

6. Smartness quotient: Puzzles and board games, drawings and similar tasks boost a child’s dexterity and smartness.

7. Skills: Simple household jobs demand communicative and motor skills that are tested during interviews.

8. Cleanliness: Washing of hands, not littering and correct usage of the dustbin are some of the cleanliness basics for children.

9. Manners: “Good morning”, “thank you” “sorry”, and handshakes are some of the keywords that help make a lasting impression.

10. Appreciate: Children behave better when appreciated or encouraged for any positive act.

11. Patience: Children are not predictable when it comes to their temper. A little patience can help handle the situation.

12. Talking: By talking, a child can feel comfortable sharing with their parents or people they don’t know well.

13. Curiosity: The easiest way to boost knowledge is by triggering curiosity and welcoming questions.

14. Homework: Parents are also asked questions during interviews; it is advisable that they are prepared well.

15. Break the ice: Parents should encourage children to interact with outsiders under supervision in order to eliminate shyness or fear during the interview at the child care centre in Singapore .

16. Stay happy: The best performance comes out in happy, relaxed surroundings. Children need to be able to enjoy themselves to do well.

17. Dress appropriately: Minimal and neat dressing is what the authorities look for, in the child as well as the parents.

18. Fun learning: Encourage children to identify what they learn – colours, numbers and objects – in their surroundings to make it interactive.

19. Handle tantrums coolly: Parents should be clever more than calm in effectively calming the child and quelling his/her tantrum.

20. No panicking: Remember that it is only an interview for a child care centre, not a grave issue. So there is no point in being nervous or making the child worry.


How to Inspire and Motivate Kids before Joining Pre School

Parents have great dreams and plans to raise their kids in the best possible way in order to give them a healthy and prosperous future. Are you all set to send your child to the best nursery school in Singapore? If yes, you need to prepare and groom the child for the new ambiance. The crying baby at the preschool is a common scenario. This is especially intense on the first day at the school. The child is at a new place alone without the parents for the first time. Hence, these things are quite natural. It is worth making some early efforts to prepare your child for the new change.

Tell Him/Her that you will be waiting outside

The biggest insecurity in the mind of the child is that the parents will abandon him and never come back. You can explain to him that it is a rule to wait outside, but you will be there throughout so that he/she can reach out at any point of time. When you do so, make sure to wait outside for one or two days during the initial phase. If you are not present outside when in need, the event can cause distrust in future.

Explain Everything about the Preschool to Your Kid

The biggest fear in the mind arises when the facts are unknown. You can tell him about the activities at the preschool. Once you have decided to enroll the child in a particular preschool, it can be a good decision to take him/her for a casual visit to the concerned nursery school in Singapore. This will make the child familiar to the new ambiance. The presence of so many children at the place will also attract him/her to join the school.

Nurture the Habit of Keeping Your Child in Social Atmosphere

From the very beginning after he/she has attained the age of 1 year, it is good to take them in a social environment like parks, to the friend’s house, etc. You should allow your kid to play with others in the neighborhood. This will make him/her more comfortable with strangers and it will be easier for them to make new friends. Once your child starts making friends, it will be easy to send him/her to nursery school. The idea of making new friends at the new venue will encourage them when it comes to stepping out for the first day at school.

Arrange for Some Initial Gatherings

During the admission process, you will meet many other parents taking their kids to the preschool. You can exchange a few words with them. Later, you can form a group with five or six of them to arrange some initial play dates where everyone can bring the children to a venue like a park or something similar. After one or two occasions, all the children will come to know each other. This will eliminate the fear when at the school on the first day.

Before going to the preschool, there may be a lot of insecurities and fears in the mind of your child. You can encourage him/her by telling stories about your childhood school experiences. It is important to make them understand that the teachers at nursery school in Singapore are like parents when the children are at school. They will also love him/her when at school. You can also promise your child to take them to their favorite restaurant for a treat after the first day at school. This will keep him happy with several things going on in the mind so that he has no room for fear at school.

Playgroup in Singapore

As a parent, it’s natural for you to be skeptical in sending your little one to the playgroup. You might have doubts and lack of clarity as to how your child will behave and react to sudden change in the surroundings given the fact that he/she is too little to judge anything. We understand all your concerns and at the same time, respect it. At MindChamps, we understand that children are going through rapid brain and skill development at this stage of their life and provide a platform for them to grow in this innocent age. Playgroups in Singapore are the best medium to socialize, have fun, exchange ideas, information and develop social personalities and display empathetic tendencies. If you are in doubt whether to send your toddler to the playgroup, here is a short post which can help you in removing these doubts.

Stimulating environment that get kids to figure things out

We believe that the ability of inner quest should arise in the kids themselves and that would arise only if they would grow up in the environment which is different and even interesting. We have tried our best to create such stimulating environment. Just to quote one example, in one of the walls on our kids gymming area, we have spelled the word backwards so that children can read them in the mirror while exercising and thus provides them with knowledge and a stimulating environment to learn.

Confidence building

As we grow up, we become shyer as we start becoming aware of our surroundings and think about others! Children have the natural ability to be confident and if this ability is not explored in childhood, then they fail to develop the confidence of facing a large public group. Playgroups in Singapore at MindChamps provide space for children to participate in new activities and enjoy them at the same time, which aids in building confidence. They learn to praise others which are again very much necessary for social development.

Language development & Communication

Becoming a part of playgroups at MindChamps helps the toddlers in adapting and coping in different situations and such situations can be such which he/she might never face at home. This arises the confidence in kids to ask queries as they get a lovable environment. The teachers at MindChamps undergo specific training to ensure their soft skills and behaviour towards your little champs. This helps the children in developing their communication skills and start reacting and being open in expressing their thoughts.

Access to variety of toys and equipment

The infrastructure at MindChamps provides your kids access to various learning toys which help them in learning and playing at the same time. It has been a fact that many long-term friendships begin at playgroups! Children make friends, interact with others and develop a sense of companionship. This also helps parents in understanding the needs of their kids in a better manner.

Along with the benefits listed above, playgroups provide heads-up to children which prepare them for entry into primary schools and make them ready for the formal learning environment. Visit for more details and help your kids to grow and interpret social cues.

What You Should Know About The Best Fish Ball Noodle In Singapore

Cultural foods are steeped in tradition. This makes dining out a great way to learn more about local and their history while on holiday. This is especially true if you have schedule a trip to the Malay Peninsula or if you’re an expat and plan to be in the South for quite some time. Following is everything you need to know about the best fish ball noodles in Singapore along with a few of the type reasons why you should definitely try them.

If you are looking for a light, yet filling meal that is rich with flavor, this is definitely it. This entree is served along with crispy, pan-seared and fresh vegetables and special, yellow noodles. It has long been a favorite among both locals and holidaymakers.

Many people who travel into this area assert that the local foods make them feel really vibrant, energetic and healthy. This is largely due to the generous amount of spice that many local dishes contain. Your fishballs will be served with small, thinly sliced peppers in both bright red and green hues. These open the airways, promote increases in circulation and enliven all five of the natural senses.

One thing that makes this dish so filling is the savory bed of yellow noodles that it contains. These are incredibly springy and delicious. If prepared properly, they are cooked al dente so that they have the sufficient amount of firmness for creating a well-rounded dish of many contrasting colors and textures. There are also a number of side dishes that you can order to complement this feast including many other flavorful varieties of local seafood.

Fishballs are made by pulverizing fish like haddock or selections of cod and then blending them with fish past. This creates a small, perfectly spherical ball that has a very smooth and bouncy texture. The flavor is delicate and it is the perfect complement to the spicy noodles that have been tossed in a modest amount of rice vinegar and delicious oil.

Dishes like these have been sold from street carts for many decades. Now, however, you have the chance to sample them for yourself. One of the most popular dinner carts in Singapore was able to evolve into a trusted, local establishment. Now, there are many of these franchises peppered throughout the region. You can tour the web pages of this popular company to know more about their history, their cuisine and their current, special offers

The Top Delicious Laksa Singapore

Everyone delights in a scrumptious meal. One of the top delicious meals is the laksa in Singapore. This is because, it is made with aromatic spices, which makes it savory. This dish exists in varieties such as Sarawak, curry and Assam laksa. The following are some of the best varieties you can find.

Wei Yi and Prawn Noodle are suitable, as you can choose your favorite stuff to compliment it. It has sparkling sunset color that is attractive on sight. Further, it possesses a dark color with no exaggeration of sweetness and spices. Spiced coconut soup is used to enhance the taste of the gravy. Sungei Road Laksa comes along with gravy that is cooked over a charcoal burner. The charcoal gives charred taste to the gravy. However, various spices are added to enrich its taste.

Penang Kitchen Laksa has sour, but spicy gravy. It falls under the category of Assam because tamarind has been added to the fish chowder. This helps to clear a blocked nose and the air tract. It is irresistibly delicious because of the gravy that is pungent and sour, yet spicy.

The Katong Laksa comes along with rich, creamy and thick gravy that has a balance of texture. It is not overpowered by the taste of coconut milk and has an emphasis on shrimp flavor. This makes it delicious and appetizing. Janggut is rebranded from katung. It is mildly spiced, yet very delightful. Chili in the soup with an addition of sambal chili makes it delectable.

Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa is cooked in a clay pot and its appearance is very attractive. It is marinated with sea food and has coconut flavored gravy. Coriander is then used to garnish it. More so, you can choose any type of noodles as an accompaniment.

Yishun Laksa has generous amounts of ingredients making each portion worth the craving. There is no need for additional accompaniment as it has a hard-boiled egg, crabsticks and fish cakes. Sambal chili is a condiment that supplements it. However, it is well balanced with shrimp paste.

All of them are made by addition of some spices and herbs to make them pungent and spicy. Chili may be added to the accompanying gravy to give it a hot and savory taste. Its taste has captured the appetite of anyone who buys it for the first time. The meal gets a strong ocean flavor when taken alongside some sea food such as prawn.